Luxembourg Institute of Art License Agreement


Thibaud Latour, 240 avenue de Longwy, B-6700 Arlon (Belgium), herafter designated as the Right Owner,


(Mr-Ms) (First Name) (Last Name), (Address), designated in what follows as the Licensee,

Together referred as the Parties, aggree on the following provisions, hereafter designatedas the Contract:


The Parties jointly adhere to the principles and goals of the Luxembourg Institute of Art described in the attached Charter and its subsequent versions. The Charter is part of the Contract. In order to communicate about their joint projects, the Right Owner grants a license to the Licensee to use the name and the logo according to the terms described in the Contract. By obtaining such license, they intend to actively participate to the Luxembourg Institute of Art activities described in the Charter and to support building a vivid community and solid regional, European, and worldwide reputation.


The Licensee explicitely acknowledge that the Right Owner is representing all Licensees in all general and collective matters pertaining to the Luxembourg Institute of Arts as described in the Charter.

Intellectual Property

"LART" is the acronym of Luxembourg Institute of Art.

The following Intellectual Property is owned by the Right Owner:

  • Domain names:,
  • Trademarks:
    • LIART logo (under the registration number: xxx)
    • "LIART" verbal trademark (under the registration numbers yyy)


The Right Owner grants to the Licensee for the duration of the Contract a royalty-free, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive license ti use the intellectual property described therein for the following purposes:

  • Advertise all activities organised under the Luxembourg Institute of Art name according to the Charter;
  • Publicise the present license through Luxembourg Institute of Art membership with a sentence similar to "Member of the Luxembourg Institute of Art".

The license is complemented by the following obligation to the Licensee:

  • Mention Luxembourg Institute of Art membership on all communications whose content is related explicitely or implicitely to the Charter, including privately organised activies by the Licensee or private topics in relation with the Charter;
  • Do not create confusion between Luxembourg Institute of Art membership and privately organised activities, and activities pertaining to the Charter organised collectivelly under the name of Luxembourg Institute of Art, or with other non relevant activities of the Licensee;
  • Do not make people believe that the communication is an "official" statement from Luxembourg Institute of Art and engage the Right Owner liability;
  • Do not use the intellectual proprty is such as way that it can damage LIART, its Licensees and partners reputation.

Private Data

The Licensee will provide to the Right Owner the following personal data for the purpose of communication between the Parties and publicity:

  • Full name (real name or pseudo upon member decision);
  • At least one of the following: postal address and/or email address;
  • Valid e-mail address (mandatory for administrative use and optionally for publicity);
  • Links to personal and eCommerce web sites if any;
  • Picture either portraying the Licensee, a piece of art authored bt the Licensee, or a representation of the Licensee's activities within the scope of the Charter.

Publicity and website content

For the duration of the Contract, the Licensee grants a royalty-free, non-transferable, sub-licensable for similar purposes, non-exclusive and irrevocable license to the Right Owner to use all useful information such as but not limited to, pictures, videos, texts, that are provided by the Licensee to publicise and disseminate information in the scope of the Charter in any communication medium.

The Licensee explicitely authorise the Right Owner to publish the private data listed herein on the web site (as well as any other domains and subdomains that are attached to or redirect to it) and to publicise the events as described in the Charter.


The present agreement starts at the date of signature by the Parties and terminates in the conditions listed herein in Article Termination.


Without prejudice of provisions stated in the Transferability article, any substantial modification of the Contract requires a new signed version by the Parties.

Valid and contractually binding modifications to the Chater must conform to the rules defined in the Charter.


Should the Intellectuel property owned by the Right Owner be transferred or licensed exclusively with sub-license option to any other organisation or private person, the Contract will either be terminated or transfered to the new owner or exclusive licensee upon writen notice from the Licensee. In case the Licensee does not react within 90 days after the communication of the transfer or the exclusive license, the Contract will be terminated automatically.


The Licensee can unilaterally terminate the Contract at any moment by sending a writen termination notice request to the Right Owner by electronic or postal mail. The Contract termination will be effective at the date of reception of the termination notice by the Right Owner without prejudice of other arrangements taken in other license contracts. The full name and, upon explict request from the terminating Licensee, the external web site link as described in the Private Data article may continue to be listed on the web site with a clear mention of the past license and separated from the current list of Licensees.

The Right Owner can unilaterally terminate the Contract after serious and repeated infrigement to the provisions of the Contract and the Charter, or after serious misconduct by the Licensee that damages the image and reputation of the Luxembourg Institute of Art branding. Such termination will be effective after writen motivated communication of the termination to the Licensee, subject to other mutual agreement between the Parties.


The Contract and the attached Charter is placed under Belgian law. As such, all litigations will be exclusively settled by Belgian appropriate jurisdiction.