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Become a member

As a liquid collective of independent artists, scientists, engineers, craftswomen and craftsmen willing to preserve its values, becoming a member requires first to contact LIART headquarter with a short description of yourself, your activities and motivation to become a member (no big litterature here, just be sincere and synthetic by highlighting the most important things you want to communicate to us without ommitting aspects that are related to the charter). Please include any material (picture, video, website, social network entries, publications...) that illustrates you best in the perspective of actively participate to the LIART community. Second, we shall require a voting by all LIART members to accept your application. A simple majority of votes among the voters within the voting period for new application is needed. Finally, you'll have to sign the license agreement and the charter that will grant you full membership and give you access to LIART activities and material as a member. All LIART members will be more than happy to discuss with you about your application and can help you shaping your participation.

Besides artistic, scientific and crafting practionners, LIART also warmly welcome other talents in the community. If you are a lawyer passionate by the topics we explore, or you have accounting and financial talents and you want to give us a hand on contractual or Intellectual Property issues, or finance management, for example, feel free to contact us to take an active part in the community. May be do you maintain a strong network of potential sponsors and partners wherever regionaly or internationally? This will also be of great value to us. All passionate support offers at all scales are equally welcome.

You can read the license agreement here [>>>]
You can read the charter here [>>>]