This page presents lists of works from the members (at this stage, selling is not managed by LIART and every work piece will have eiter a link towards the eCommerce platform or member page, or contact point at LIART). The page shows all creation, sold or not.

  • Creations from LIART projects and learning workshops
  • Members creation that are on sale by LIART under artists license
  • Open-source software and link to github
    • Open-source software produced by LIART activities (projects, learning workshops)+link
    • Open-source software produced by members who want them to be referenced here
    • (possibly links to other open-source software that we use in projects and trainings)
  • Publications
    • books, monographs, book-objects... edited and published by LIART
    • art work prints (silk-printed, digital, etchings...) edited by LIART
    • other publications from LIART members (in projects...) edited and published elsewhere like in scientifc journals