L•I•ART Manifesto

We combine the radicalism of art, the neutrality of science and the utilitarianism of technology through the following claims and values:

We CLAIM that

  1. We create together rather than compete against each other
  2. We put creators in the driving seat 
  3. Creation unites hands and mind, intuition and rationality 
  4. Art and creation have no other purpose than themselves 
  5. Creation is a conversation
  6. All creative statements are true by their own virtue
  7. Sharing knowledge will help you to grow 
This implies that we shall never organise jury’s, contests, and thematic calls.

Our members share common VALUES

  1. We consider benevolence among members and with others, together with the recognition of everyone’s contribution as key
  2. We actively promote gender-balance, no discrimination of sex, origin, sexual preferences, confession or political affiliation
  3. We thrive on freedom of speech and democracy 
  4. Our creations are intimately bounded to our life ecosystem and its biological, geographical, economical, social, cultural, philosophical and political diversity
  5. A good will is better that the perfect skill
  6. Radicalism in creation will only be used to push boundaries and not to limit ideas and debates